The Stretchmasters Penis Stretcher device can be used any time of the day for various time intervals. Wear it under your boxers during work. Stretch Master Penis Stretcher may also be worn during the night. The total number of hours the Stretch Master Penis Stretcher is worn, determines the result of the treatment.
The Stretchmasters Penis Stretcher weighs only a few ounces, is flexible, fits smoothly against the inside of your thigh and is small enough to be held in the palm of your hand. The Stretchmasters Penis Stretcher involves no medical risk if used properly. Please make sure that the penis stretching is stopped in time. The method is not reversible!

The Stretchmasters Penis Stretcher Product Page

Use The Stretchmasters Penis Stretcher in A Flacid State (Soft) ONLY!
State of the Art Penis Stretcher Device

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How to use the Penis Stretcher:
1. Place bottom circular plastic piece with male and female rods and attach into the penis.
2. After the bottom piece is fitted, attach top plastic piece with rubber hosing to the end of the rods.
4. Pull silicon hosing tightly around the head of the penis and lock the hosing into the bottom of the upper plastic piece.
5. When the device is securely placed onto the penis, adjust out the rods to receive the tension that is fit for you.
6. The tension placed by extending the rods out should give the penis a feeling of slight discomfort, but should not be painful.

Keeping the gains permanently
  Following a defined schedule to discontinue the use of The Stretchmasters Penis Stretcher device is also very important. In order to maintain the gains achieved, one should reduce the hours of penis stretcher use in 1/3 every week until it reaches only 1 hour daily. For example: If you used The Stretchmasters Penis Stretcher device for 6 hours during your treatment , when you decide to stop the program you should do it gradatively using first for 4 hours the whole week then 2 hours in the following week and finally 1 hour daily on the last week before stopping. After this period you should use it 1 hour twice a week for about 2 or 3 weeks and then finally stop. This way your new sized penis is guaranteed and permanent with no retraction on the girth or width.

Listen to Your Body and Pay Attention to Your Penis!

These are some clear signs that you are doing something wrong:
  Broken capillaries or slight bruising of the penis are clear signs of over-exertion. This occurs when too much pressure is applied during the exercises,or if the recommended times for each session are exceeded. If this occurs, we recommend that you take some days off and allow yourself to heal. Once you are completely healed, you may begin to use The Stretchmasters Penis Stretcher again.

  Blisters are usually a sign of too much pressure on the penis for a prolonged period of time. But do not worry. Those are edema areas or retention of fluids. They'll disappear in a few minutes after you take off The Stretchmasters Penis Stretcher device.

  Red sores are typically a sign of too much stretching. You have either stretched your penis too far, or held the stretch for a prolonged period of time. If this occurs, we recommend that you take off the device. Once you are completely healed, you may begin again; however, make sure that you do not stretch too much or too far.

Do I have to wear The Stretchmasters Penis Stretcher daily?
  No, you can wear it as you please. Although the results depend on the total amount of hours worn.

Does The Stretchmasters Penis Stretcher help in case of a curved penis?
  Yes! The Stretchmasters Penis Stretcher has been proved efficient in straightening the penis and helping those who suffer from Peyronie's Disease. In those cases The Stretchmasters Penis Stretcher device should be worn towards the opposite side of the curvature. A period of use of 6-8 months is recommended tthe small curvature of the penis at first.

Is the shipping discreet?
  We value your privacy. We ship the product in discreet packaging with no indication of any penis stretcher device inside.

Below is an Article from the internet in regards to penis stretchers:
  With a huge influx in penis stretchers onto the internet within the last 3 years, people are asking "are penis stretchers safe?" Over the last few months I have spent many hours researching into different penis enlargement stretchers. Below I have outlined my findings along with the safest penis enlargement stretcher on the market (The Stretchmasters Penis Stretcher)!

Is The Stretchmasters Penis Stretcher safe?
   I have spent hours trying The Stretchmasters Penis Stretcher devices myself while getting results back from other people who have also tried The Stretchmasters Penis Stretcher, the results are very positive from anybody looking to purchase The Stretchmasters Penis Stretcher. My first thoughts were, I'm not putting The Stretchmasters Penis Stretcher on my penis, however I was very surprised just how well it worked. Not only did The Stretchmasters Penis Stretcher save time, I could wear The Stretchmasters Penis Stretcher while I sat at my desk working. I could see how discreet The Stretchmasters Penis Stretcher could be tucked away in my pants. It also felt like The Stretchmasters Penis Stretcher was working, which is not something that can be said about other penis products.I spend a lot of time discussing The Stretchmasters Penis Stretcher with people and how they found The Stretchmasters Penis Stretcher. They said The Stretchmasters Penis Stretcher was easy to use.

What results did they get from The Stretchmasters Penis Stretcher?
  Every person I asked said it was much more fun and discreet wearing The Stretchmasters Penis Stretcher than they thought and over 90% of the people I asked said they have found remarkable gains using The Stretchmasters Penis Stretcher, one person said "I wore The Stretchmasters Penis Stretcher for over 12 hours per day because it was so easy and I had gain a huge gain in just one month."

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Stretchmasters is Registered trademark and Part of Googooworld, LLC 2013
Stretchmasters is Registered trademark and Part of Googooworld, LLC 2013